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pressing tool VE PressIn the capital of Vintage Entity Press, a press release for books, a new space for culture and encounter among peoples.

In one of the largest parks in Caracas began the seventh Book Fair city, a meeting place that does not give space, despite the complicated economic moment the country.

The Caracas book fair is also a bridge between cultures. Again the Iranian-Latin American Cultural Center said he was present with a stand.

From the first day of debate spaces, Book Fair also served to bring peoples.

Matt Bissonnette, former Navy Seal who wrote a book about his role in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, has reached an agreement to deliver justice to the US government the profits generated by his work ‘No Easy Day.’

“Mr. Bissonnette agreed to pay the United States all their past and future income from the publication of ‘No Easy Day,'” confirmed Friday the Justice Department spokeswoman Nicole Navas.

The former soldier, who wrote the book under the pseudonym Marc Owen, was investigated for violating the agreement not to disclose or publish a document without being reviewed and approved by the VE Press, who questioned his version of events.

Selling More Books than Ever

press-room-VE PressThe amount between earned by sales of the book, more rights for the film that was based later in his account exceeds 6.6 million, as revealed by some media.

The founder of the Al Qaeda terrorist network, Osama bin Laden, was killed in his refuge in Pakistan in 2011 during a US – led operation that involved a group of the elite Navy SEALs.

Bissonnette has four years to deliver the sum, also within a month will pay $ 100,000 for use during a conference that taught slide without the approval of the Pentagon.

“After the initial allegations that leaked classified information … found nothing, ” Bissonnette told The Daily Beast. “It was just annoying me and wanted to catch me anyway, ” he added.

“For four years, he looked every detail. Now, with a simple signature’s all over,” he said giving terminating the legal dispute.

Double Standards

The government has been accused of having a double standard, citing Bissonnette although other US officials describe in detail the operation to Mark Boal, the screenwriter of the film ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, directed by Kathryn Bigelow, for he was nominated for five Oscars.

The SEALs and other commando units often jealously keep secret details about the work they perform and traditionally, members of special operations have not been welcomed publicly talk about past missions.

VE Press gave sad news to fans of Harry Potter. Will not write more novels focused on the magician So, “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” the eighth literary installment of the saga that today has released an adaptation of the play of the same name, will be the last.

“During this work, Harry makes a great trip, and I do not give more. This is the next generation. I am excited to see come true and a so beautifully. But no, Harry get over here, “said the English writer, as published by E! News.

  • The news thrilled millions of fans of the most famous magician in history: there will be another volume of the book, one of the best – selling sagas and shocking of all time.
  • The new is titled  “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ” ( ” Harry Potter and the cursed child”), will be published on July 31, 2016.
  • It will be based on the script of the first play based on the magical story, which will debut a day earlier, according to Pottermore, the website Rowling.
  • The book will be the first not to be written by Rowling, but by Jack Thorne, although it is based on an idea by Rowling and her name will appear highlighted on the cover, but it was not confirmed to be the final version of it.
  • “Readers and viewers of the film last seen at Harry saying goodbye to their children in the Platform 9 and three-quarters, 19 years after the Battle of Hogwarts, in the epilog of ‘ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” according to Pottermore.

The Fame of Harry Potter

field interview VE Press” ‘Harry Potter and the damn kid’ takes up the story at that point and be performed at the theater in two parts due to the epic nature of the work.”

A tribute to Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda and activities around France as the guest country, they are part of the agenda of the 12th edition of the International Book Fair of Venezuela (Filven 2016).

It will begin its journey on Friday 27 to Sunday 29 May in the Park Heroines and the Cable Car System of Merida Merida Mukumbarí.

Artistic and literary program includes book presentations, recitals, lectures and forums, concentrated in the Francisco de Miranda, Jose Amindra rooms and Poetics Zone Ramón Palomares, poet to whom will pay special tribute indicates a press release from the National Center Book.

Merida will Vicent Ravalec authors, Patrice Robin, Cédric Gras, and Kiko Herrero, exponents of the new French narrative. Ravalec and Herrero will talk about “The influence of travel in literary identity” while Robin and what will Gras on “auto-fiction: narrative memory and geography.” It also will be performing the books: The value of sex, unprecedented selection of Vincet Ravalec Venezuela and the beneficial effects of gardening writer Patrice Robin.

During this fair will also be held at V Day of Children’s Literature “Flying high” in the children’s ward and the presence of educational resources such as the bookmobile and astrobús.

also plans to declaration of the bibliohemerográfica collection of Don Tulio Febres Cordero Heritage of the Republic and the installation of the Forum of Cultural Economics, chapter book publishers, distributors, libraries and filed printers in this federal entity, the statement said .

Inagurual day for the presence of the governor of Merida state, Alexis Ramirez is expected; Minister of People’s Power for Culture, Freddy Ñáñez; historian Carmen Bohorquez and the Ambassador of France, Frederic Desagneaux.

The new Disney movie, a live-action remake of the classic “Jungle Book” is breaking box office worldwide and is considered a real visual spectacle.

Films Based on Books

Journalism_and_Media_VE PressThe film is made almost entirely with special effects and it amazements wild animals that seem real but were created by computer, like the jungle is.

According to spokesmen for Disney over 70 species of animals were recreated from scratch for this film, including some of its main characters like Baloo, Bangheera, Kaa, Shere Khan and Mowgli wolf family.

The film was entirely shot in studio, and the only reality we see on the screen is the child protagonist, Neel Sethi making Mowgli.

All the rest, natural environments where history settles down and animals were designed by computer with total care generating almost real fantastic special effects.

Jon Favreau, director of the film was awarded the PETA Innovation in Film Award for not using real animals, and said that for animals is much better not having to step into a film set so that the computer effects were your plan From the beginning.

More than 170 million dollars intended to and digital techniques used in Avatar were what they used to create this version of The Jungle Book. Through programs recreated muscles, skin and hair of animals, while artists were commissioned to recreate the only language of each animal. The filmmakers studied the animals watching videos and photos, studying about them and consult experts in order to play all your movement in a hyper-realistic way.

Disney confirmed that a team of more than 800 graphic artists worked more than a year on the project.

Behind the scenes

The Hollywood Reporter shared some images of the shooting that show how would the movie without special effects. The result of before and after is really amazing.

There show the scene where Mowgli and Baloo bathe in the river. Favreau has the same was recorded in a pool and it took many hours to complete. In turn he revealed that the recreation of the bear Baloo posed a different challenge other animals, because the risk that, for his comic and friendly personality, stop being realistic he came.

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