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Conjuring Black Funk

Conjuring Black Funk: Notes on Culture, Sexuality and Spirituality, Vol. 1 is a fiery collection of essays, poetry, creative non-fiction, and experimental writing that challenges conventional thought, offers alternative perspectives, and suggests ways of practicing Afrocentric, queer liberation/transgression. This book is an important contribution to Black Queer Theory, Black Feminist Thought, and Afrocentric Thought.

What a book! Hugely informative, often surprising, consistently thought-provoking and completely lacking in shame or pretense, it’s the kind of book you wish you’d written yourself but are very, very happy to have read.” - Robert Fullilove, EdD, Professor and Associate Dean, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University

I am engaged by the compelling insights of this feminist/womanist pomo afro homo on the intentional practice of sex, culture, and spirit. Whether you be bisexual, versatile, gay, top, trans, man, woman, str8, bottom, on the DL, or an old black dyke like me, you will want to get into Conjuring Black Funk.” - Cheryl Clarke, PhD, The Days of Good Looks: Prose and Poetry, 1980-2005

Dr. Herukhuti uses ingredients to prepare a new recipe for the 21st century diet. If they hunger for something more than the typical fast food served as Black thought, it is a meal that Afrocentric beings will find very nurturing. His advocacy for the complete and total sexual freedom of consenting human beings has the taste of a new epistemology. He is a “gate-keeper” to a sacred banquet of sex, sin and Spirit that few are ready to acknowledge; let alone eat.”- Ron Simmons, PhD, President/CEO, Us Helping Us, Washington DC


Conjuring Black Funk is available in two covers, Trans (top) and Female (below.) After purchasing your copy, email your preference to info@vepress.


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